Well hello there!


I'm Kylee Sharples and I am an extremely passionate contemporary portrait photographer ready to set the world on fire with gorgeous images and outstanding customer service!

I have been a member of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) since 2013 and became a full accredited professional photographer in 2014.

I have a particular passion for capturing the essence of what it means to be a woman. That's why I decided to specialise in beautiful contemporary portraits of women of all ages. I love showing someone that didn't think they were worthy of being photographed, just how beautiful she really is. I am passionate about offering you the best images you have ever had of yourself, and pride myself in not only giving you those beautiful images but a fantastic experience during their creation. I'm very experience orientated, the end result are the images...but the feeling a woman gets when she is pampered and listened to on that journey to beautiful images is my goal.

Too many times I hear of people not wanting to have photos taken of themselves...why? My arms look big, I'll get some when I lose 10kgs, do you have a skinny lens? This is understandable but shouldn't be a hurdle stopping you. We ask you how you would like to be photographed, pretty simple really, then leave it to us so we can photograph you at your absolute best. Makeup and hair is included in all our elegant portrait packages so all you need to do is bring your favourite clothes.

Everyone should have beautiful photos of themselves, if not for yourself, for your children and grandchildren. Just think, photos are usually the one thing we grab in a disaster, and I am proud to be able to give each and every one of my client families something they will love and cherish for many years to come...when all is said and done, our photographs are sometimes all we have to remember times gone by.

Previously a children and family photographer (and a dental hygienist in a previous life), I have always focused on my ability to really relate to people and to make them feel comfortable and at ease. This is something that I continue to do and I'm really excited about the change in direction within my business.

In saying all that, I love photographing people in general so I also photograph men and children and also your non-human buddies. Fur, feathers or scales - if they are part of your family, why wouldn't you want them in your family photos!

Please feel free to check out my "Search for a Pro" Portrait profile on the AIPP website